Sensual Product Management: Umm, What Do We Need To Know?

So there is no delicate way to talk about this topic, but I’m going to bring it up anyway. As product managers, we’re often not above using sex appeal to motive potential customers to buy our product. However, what happens if the product that we’re trying to sell is sex itself?

Welcome To The World Of Cams And “Tips”

Matt Richtel wrote a story for the New York Times talking about this new market where (primarily) women with video cameras are offering services over the Internet to (primarily) men. It doesn’t take a product development definition to get set up – just a laptop and a video camera. Once these have been secured, the next step is for the women to set up an account on a hub web site such as YourFreeCam or Live Jasmine.

Once that’s been taken care of, the women are then free to put on their own one-woman shows. Web surfers can then drop by their video feed. If a surfer likes what they see, then they can “tip” the model which transfers money from the surfer’s account with the hub site to the model. It appears as though the model gets roughly half of the tip, the hub site keeps the other half.

What caught my attention in Matt’s story is that at any time in the day, he reported that there were over 1,000 of these cam models online. Wow – talk about competition! If this was a product that you were offering, you’d be hard pressed to distinguish your product offering.

Let’s think about this for a minute. You have over 1,000 women all competing for the attention of a limited number of web surfers. You would expect each women to start to specialize (fetishes anyone?) However, even if you did that, there could easily be 100+ other women who had decided to specialize in the same area that you had selected. What’s a cam model to do?

How You Could Do A Better Job Of Marketing Yourself

Although I suspect that none of us are currently working in the cam model business (however, if you are, then welcome), it’s a good product manager exercise to give some thought about how you’d handle this situation even if you’re not going to be adding it to your product manager resume. How could you get more surfers to (1) visit your video feed and (2) tip you more?

The first problem is what is it going to take to get traffic? Step one would be to brand yourself. It probably doesn’t matter what name or tag line you use, just pick one – that will distinguish you from most of the other 1,000 women that you are competing against.

You will have surfers who will organically drop by your video channel. You need to come up with a way to get them to stay, and then to become repeat customers. One way to make this happen would be to “schedule” shows. Tell everyone that something is going to happen on a given date at a given time. When you reach the end of a show, inform your viewers when the next show will be and why they would want to plan on attending. This is almost like what TV shows do with the trailers they have for the next episode.

Finally, you are going to want to maximize your viewer’s tipping. A great way of making this happen would be to use tipping as a communication vehicle. I believe that tipping levels are shown in real time to the cam models. This means that you could ask your viewers what they wanted you to do: A or B. Have them tip for A, then have them tip for B, then whichever tip pool turned out to be larger, perform that action. This way your viewers feel involved and you get to keep all of the tips!

What All Of This Means For You

Although we may not spend a lot of time thinking about it, one of the most profitable products that the Internet is used to sell is sex in all of its wonderful different forms. The recent arrival of self-produced cam shows has opened the door to a flood of new products on this market of Internet sex. The problem is that most of the products all look (pretty much) the same.

From a product manager’s point of view this is a market with low barriers to entry, a lot of unbranded suppliers, and customers who can easily switch suppliers. Clearly this would be an undesirable market to enter if only it wasn’t such a potentially huge and profitable market. Product management skills have to be used to make each performer different from the others. Niche markets have to identified, performers have to create their own brand, and repeat purchases have to be encouraged and rewarded. This is exactly the kind of stuff that shows up in a product manager job description.

No, this may not be the most enjoyable topic to discuss depending on your outlook on life. However, it is clearly a unique market that has a desperate need for the types of skills that product managers can provide. As product managers we need to evaluate these types of market conditions in order to improve how we evaluate challenging product management situations and improve our decision making skills.

What’s For Sale on MySpace? Find Out Before Your Child Does

Selling sex online is nothing new. What is new, however, is where these companies have set up shop. It is the same place that your child spends hours visiting every day. MySpace.

On the surface, advertisements on MySpace are tame and within acceptable limits. The ads sell MP3 players, cell phones, phone service and promote movies and music download sites. These advertisers aren’t the ones to worry about; it is the “free”, “under the radar” advertisers that should worry you.

MySpace “users” have discovered a highly profitable way to sell their products. Sex traffickers have infiltrated MySpace by setting up profiles, adding themselves to your friend’s list, posting their pictures in blogs and forums, placing modeling classified ads, and setting up user groups. MySpace, once a virtual community, is now home to a large virtual sex market.

Clicking on the images of beautiful men and women posted in the public access areas of MySpace takes you to a profile page where you are encouraged to “check out my video”, “sign up to be my friend”, or “take a look at my pics.” Once you click on the link, you enter sex club sites, web cam sex sites, subscription pornography sites, etc. This also occurs in the forums, classified ads and blogs – no place is safe.

Remember that MySpace uses a rating system (who has the most number of friends, who has the most profile views, etc.). The more friends you have on your list, the higher you rank. This means that when these advertisers submits a request to your child to be added to their friend’s list, chances are high they will be accepted. A door just opened in advertising cyberspace…

Clicking on ErinSexy19’s photo, takes you to her profile page where you are invited to visit her webcam site, a “free” sex-cam site filled with ads for sex. And if that doesn’t hook you, her friend’s list contains images of beautiful females in various states of undress.

FrancineDee’s “space” was filled with sexually explicit photos. She encourages you to visit her website: a portal for purchasing access to pornographic video, images, etc.

This type of advertising is not easily ignored. In fact it is the type of advertising that is sought out. Protect your child from the MySpace “advertisers” that seek your child’s attention by becoming a proactive, internet savvy parent.

Parents should…
become computer literate

actively monitor your child’s computer use.

teach your child about online risks and the danger of posting personal information.

tell your child not to respond to instant messages or emails from strangers.

find out whether your child has a MySpace or other virtual hangout site and view that site

if necessary contact MySpace to have your child’s site removed.

insure that your child chooses gender-neutral screen names that are not sexually suggestive or

contain personal information.

make sure your child never uses their login name in a chat room or forum.

most importantly be vigilant and act on your suspicions

Be wise, be proactive. Protect your child from him/herself!

Rhonda Goetz

Parent Smartz []

Empowering Parents…


Rhonda Goetz is an author, speaker and and instructional designer. She designed an easy-to-use online course to help parents learn how to monitor their child’s activities, improve their Internet literacy, and better understand the Internet perils their child deals with every day.

Adultery 101 – The Basics and How to Catch Him at it Through Wireless Spy Cams

While 90 percent of Americans believe that adultery is wrong, conservative estimates put about 22 percent of men committing adultery, while 11 percent of women dare to do likewise. If you suspect that your husband is cheating on you, then it is time to gather irrefutable proof. And what better way to do so than by installing wireless spy cams in their favorite meeting place?

But first, brush up on adultery basics. You will need information before jumping to conclusions and decisions.

Adultery Defined

Though there are subtleties in the legal definitions of adultery, it is commonly defined as engaging in voluntary sexual relations with a partner other than your spouse, especially one of the opposite sex.

If your husband is indeed committing adultery, then you need proof that he was not raped because of the voluntary clause. Then again, cases involving men being raped by women are exceedingly rare, so you can cross that out. Even wireless spy cams with their technology will not be able to fake a rape scene.

If your husband engaged in sexual intercourse with the same sex or with animals, then this is not considered adultery in the general understanding of the term. However, some states do grant fault-based divorce on the ground of homosexuality and bestiality being discovered after marriage.

Adultery Caught in the Act at Home

You can install wireless spy cams around the house, especially in his private study where he takes his private calls. Since your husband will not think about these high-tech gadgets being installed without his full knowledge and consent, snooping on his private (and possibly suspicious) conversations is genius!

You can listen in on his side of the conversation and watch his reactions, all without fear that he will hear the telephone click as you lift the receiver. You can glean important information like their meeting time and place, which you can then spy on.

If you are one of the very unlucky few, you can even catch your husband committing adultery right in your home. You will have to deal with the pain of losing both your husband and your best friend, if such is the case. If it was the nanny, then the additional wireless spy cams you had installed provided for unpleasant surprises aside from child abuse.

Adultery Outside the Home

Many acts of adultery are committed in love nests. If you can install wireless spy cams in your husband’s love nest, then go ahead. Not only will you prove sexual intercourse, but you can prove an ongoing emotional relationship that might be your ace in divorce proceedings.

However, you need to consult your trusted lawyer on this matter. Depending on the state you live in and where the adultery is committed, installing wireless spy cams outside your private property can constitute a criminal offense.

Remember that you are setting out to do yourself good, not throw yourself in jail. Your good-for-nothing husband deserves to be in jail while you go scot-free with your conjugal properties and alimonies.

Would You Have “Virtual” Sex With Someone on Second Life?

Does the idea of having “virtual” sex, online sound appealing to you? The ability to anonymously (for the most part) meet up and share a sexual encounter online, with little or no real life hang-ups, seems to appeal to a great many internet users. This is were virtual worlds, like Second Life a.k.a SL, come in very handy.

There are many ways of communicating online, whether it be through text chat, voice, video or a combination of all three. For the purpose of this article, will, however, be focusing on the avatar based, virtual world known as Second Life. Users can create an account, refine their avatar, and slap on a headset to talk with other “residents”. This social experience naturally leads to many activities you would encounter in real life (RL). Instead of listing all the things one can do in SL, I will again, focus on the sexual aspects… since they are the most intriguing to me. Not because I indulge in such aspects of SL, but because I have been witness to countless relationships around me while using SL. Listening to people stories, and experiences with it.

There is a LOT of “sex” going on in SL. Some of it between people who just want a relationship in one form or another… and some of it is financially driven. I am referring to the oldest profession in the world of course. Prostitution online is a very active trend now a days. Second Life is a perfect breeding ground for this, due to the anonymous nature of a place where you can be, anything you want to be… or anyone, should I say. Don’t like something about yourself? Leave it out of your online persona. Want to see how it feels to be a member of the opposite sex? change it! Are you a little shy in RL, or sexually reserved? well, go online and be a paid voice escort… or cam (video cam) escort, for the exhibitionists among you.

Second Life takes a little getting used to. It is not the most intuitive, or friendly place for the new user. Once you get the hang of it, however, it becomes very easy to see why so many folks are rushing to experience the sexual side of it. for some, SL sex and relationships can become almost addictive in a sense. You can become so used to it that you almost crave it. I know it can be a little off putting to the casual observer, especially for those who came to SL for non sexual based reasons. The thing to remember, is that for a lot of people, SL provides a relatively “safe” way to try things they may not otherwise get to in RL. Have you ever secretly wanted to do something sexual that you just couldn’t do, or get someone else to do in RL? Well odds are that there is a whole community in Sl almost dedicated to that one fantasy you may have. Like minded people, in one place, makes it easier to live out whatever you can think of.